Jo Ruffier des Aimes "Jo Styck"
Jo Ruffier des Aimes "Jo Styck"
New album 2018 FRAGILE
Next album 2018 : FRAGILE actually on Kisskissbankbank

Jo '' styck '' Ruffier des Aimes starts the adventure of Négresses Vertes in 1987 until 1993, under the pseudonym Jo Roz.He notably co-wrote the album '' Large Family '' and worked on the arrangements '' Mlah ''. He participated in national and international tours of the Negresses Vertes.
1993 with two musicians (including a former Negresses Vertes) he founded the collective Tarace Bulba, true living school that now has over 1300 members.

2002 he participated in the creation of a second group, '' Roger ', which rotates in the south with thirty musicians, which enabled the opening of the single rehearsal studio to the public in the department Aude. It follows several trainings and noticed performance as the '' Red Hat '' in Carcassonne.
It is one of the few musicians in France practicing Chapman Stick borned in 1969 from the imagination of a California maker, and participates every year at the International Festival Stick and tape Guitar Trentemoult (Nantes) where also conducted master classes.

Today, Jo launches in solo.He interprets his compositions with unique sounds, soft and powerful blend of funk and soul spiced groove.Avec his stick, he gives his views on the world with varied influences, George Clinton Danny Elfman through Memphis, Dakar and his native suburb, Bob Marley he revisits the crossroads.

Songwriter, stickiste, twenty years of meetings and experiences that nurture his musical resolutely without borders.
It is primarily an artist scène.Il recorded live, the beat-box, hearts, guitar or bass riffs with his sampler pedal guitar hit or tapping, to create his arrangements before you. it's an unknown universe that offers the performance is size and complicity with the audience is really truly magical.

His last album 2018 : FRAGILE on Kisskissbankbank



di 12 mars 2017   au Tinc Set, 3 rue du marché aux bestiaux, 66000 Perpignan 20h30
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New Album "FRAGILE"

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