Critical quartet expérience
Critical quartet expérience
Jazz/rock progressif /funk
New album 2019 Mental Distortion
The Critical Quartet Experience jostles conventions and labels with a music in constant boiling, boosted by a staged and improvised improvisations.

The Critical is liquid love,
An assumed show that never budge.

The Critical Quartet Experience was born in 2013, at first the group was built around some compositions and covers in a rather jazz-rock tone.
Soon the group finds its identity in its music and on the stage, integrating singing, creating new compositions and especially by seeking to develop a scenic identity based on humor and derision in a music too often taken seriously and not necessarily accessible to all.
Initially the concept and born in the form of improvisations, impromptu situations, interactions with the public ... then little by little an identity is drawn, also due to the human cohesion between the members of the group and the desire to share that with others.
Today the group is working to develop a real show between music and theater while keeping a part of freedom and improvisation that makes its trademark.

The CQE: a cleverly balanced cocktail of sweet melodies, big saturated guitars and original, percussive and wild grooves.
All supported by a show assumed humorous, sometimes black, sometimes light. A crazy universe, where expression and creativity are limitless.
The experience this quartet brings us is inspired by Tigran Hamassyan's melodious asymmetry, the epic power of System Of A Down, the liberated folly of John Zorn and the warm groove of Bruno Mars.

A staging that tends to break the barrier between music and theater, transporting you into the imaginary imagination of artists. Sometimes musicians, sometimes characters, crossing the dark universe of the polars of the 20s to Japanese Haiku, never without humor. Come live a great diversion live and music!
Step out of the frame, at least for an hour, a journey to the symbiosis of the most elitist styles of Jazz at Mathrock, in a marriage that makes them accessible to all. To walk with us along the paths of artistic freedom, with fellow travelers: the members of this quartet: strong identities, sublimated by the communion of their madness. Audible love, a good dose of joie de vivre and a fierce passion, these are the only things that you risk exposing yourself by coming to listen to Critical Quartet Experience .

On Stage :
Arthur Dardennes: Guitar/Voices ,
Hugo Brun: Synthé,
Jonathan Rolland: Drums,
Kévin Mesples: Bass.

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New First clip "SEUL" from Critical Quartet Experience extract from new album "Mental Distortion" (The 5th of october 2018)

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Booking : L’Hacienda
ANNE–MARIE KERVIZIC +33 668 32 48 99 Clic here to contact Anne-Marie


di 01 juillet 2018   Festival de jazz'in Cheverny à 16H - France
from the 4th to the 6th of july   à Belle ile en mer au bar Les Matelots ,21, quai Gambetta, 56360 Le Palais
je 13 septembre 2018   Connexion Bar in Toulouse
sa 29 septembre 2018   à l'Itinéraire Bis à Toulouse - Festival Groland
je 04 octobre 2018   Presentation New album "Mental Distortion" in Toulouse
me 30 janvier 2019   Le Metronum à Toulouse (31)
sa 06 avril 2019   Rendez vous chez ART'CADE (09)
Sortie officielle de "Mental Distortion"
je 09 mai 2019   Salle du Conseil régional de Toulouse
ve 31 mai 2019   L'Impro, 7 Rue Léon Gambetta, Toulouse, France
ve 23 août 2019   Festival les Z’Arts en Douc (Dun 09)
sa 24 août 2019   Festival Mauvaisin (31- Fance)
sa 19 octobre 2019   Jazz sur son 31
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S E U L (clip officiel - Juin 2018)
Cherry Pie Live @AetCade 2016
Rompotopom Live @Musichalle2015
Vicinity of obscenity Live @musichalle 2015

Critical teaser live 2020
Teaser LIVE 2018
S E U L (clip officiel)
LIVE Critical Quartet Experience - Cherry Pie (prog/jazz fusion) @Art'Cade 2016
LIVE Critical Quartet Experience - Vicinity of obscenity (Jazz Metal cover) @ Music'halle 2015

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